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With the arrival of the age of internationalization and the information-oriented society, the cycle of economic change has grown shorter and shorter. Companies are finding that their internal personnel development cannot keep up with the fast pace of their business progress. As a result, greater importance is being placed on a company's organization and its personnel, as evidenced in such drastic personnel policies such as mid-year hiring.

When employment for life had absolute value, a company would take care of their employees for their entire lives, thereby maintaining the social value of the system.

But to do so, a company would have to continue expanding infinitely. Therefore, in a period when economic growth became stagnant on a global scale, such companies would actually be keeping latent unemployed persons on staff. This is an unfortunate situation, for both the company subjected to this organizational inefficiency, as well as for the employees forced to endure this unjust work situation.

On the other hand, there has been a sharp increase in the number of so-called "second-time" new graduates-young people who change jobs after two or three years with a company. This is caused by inadequate information gathering skills and a naive perception of reality on the part of the students, as well as the government's current administrative guidance, which concentrates hiring activities in a short time frame.

Amid these circumstances, we believe a healthy labor exchange market must be in place as soon as possible in order to create a work environment that can satisfy both companies and workers. Once companies are able to find and effectively use personnel who are not just the right person for the right job, but also the right person at the right time, we believe it will be possible to achieve optimal efficiency in the use of human resources.

Our H.R. Consulting Division investigates the optimized efficiency of human resources, as described above, on a global scale, and we will assist companies in revitalizing their business, and at the same time, we will assist individuals in developing their business careers.